Accelerates IoT system development

SquareOne reduces development time and risks associated with custom system development. It provides a comprehensive foundation of device management functions coupled with an architecture that supports plugins to expand core capabilities and APIs to integrate with other systems.

Capture the data from your disparate systems, equipment, and sensors to detect anomalous behavior, improve performance, implement machine learning, or execute your own custom project. 


Capture telemetry

SquareOne’s telemetry system supports the collection and transformation of data from devices and equipment to drive the operation of your connected system.

Easily see usage and operation of connected devices, equipment and sensors. Leverage meaningful data and usage patterns to make informed decisions and improvements on product design, operational efficiency, and effective servicing.


SquareOne leverages open industry standards and protocols to ensure proven, secure operation.


Telemetry is easily customizable so you can seamlessly integrate and capture the data that matters most.


Custom telemetry is bi-directional, and fully encrypted from end-to-end to secure your data.

Notification and orchestration

SquareOne offers a fully configurable, event-driven notification and orchestration system so you can react quickly to relevant events.

When problems do occur, immediately inform stakeholders and take automated actions to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

SquareOne integrates into other systems so you can preserve your existing investment and business logic while taking advantage of modern technology.

Custom alerts

Get notified immediately based on the telemetry and events that make sense to your business.

React quickly

Resolve detected events of interest as soon as they arise, and take appropriate action in minutes, not hours.

Automate event responses

Raise support tickets automatically when an event occurs. Provide superior customer service with less effort.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Use data science techniques to build a deeper understanding of your system with SquareOne.

Utilize BI tools for exploratory data analysis, and apply cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and models to implement advanced functionality and behaviors.

Detect anomalies

Find out when data points stray from expected values to detect potential issues.

Make predictions

Forecast how data points will behave based on past information, to pre-empt failures, predict demand, and undertake condition-based servicing.

Identify patterns

Understand complicated data interactions, and build ML models that use this information to further improve operations.

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