Product overview

SQL Server IoT ensures efficient data management, real-time analytics and robust security for your fixed-function devices with the highest levels of mission critical scalability, availability, and performance.

With all the functionality of SQL Server and more control over updates and improved support makes it ideal for device manufacturers and embedded system builders.

What you get

SQL Server 2022 provides a number of management components, such as client applications and tools used for creating or working with analytical data.

Apache Spark

Your system can process big data queries faster and improve the speed of machine learning with the unified analytics engine, Apache Spark, built in.

Azure-enabled features

As the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet, drive deeper insights, predictions, and governance from your data at scale with Synapse Link, Microsoft Purview, and more.

CAL Licensing

Don't forget you need Microsoft's Client Access Licenses (CALs), to give users the right to access the services of the server.

Licensing models

Depending on how you work, there are two different licensing models available to purchase SQL Server IoT.

If you're confused calculating which model produces lower licensing costs for your business based on your needs, let us help.


Per core licensing allows for an unlimited number of users or devices to connect.

Best for things like:

  • When the number of users/devices cannot be counted easily
  • Deploying intranet or extranet workloads
  • Implementing centralized deployments spanning large direct and/or indirect users/devices

With per core licensing, each server running SQL Server -or any of its components, such as Reporting Services or Integration Services- must be assigned an appropriate number of SQL Server core licenses.

Software partitioning does not reduce the number of core licenses required, except when licensing individual virtual machines (VMs).

To determine the number of core licenses you need will depend on whether you are licensing the physical server or individual virtual operating system environments.

A minimum of four core licenses is required for each physical processor on the server. Since core licenses are sold in packs of two, this means you will purchase 4 core licenses if you are operating 4 or less physical cores, increasing incrementally by 2 to match the number of physical cores per processor.

With core-based licenses, you do not need to purchase additional client access licenses (CALs) to access the SQL server.

SQL Server_Core_Kontron

Server + CAL

Each server license allows customers to run any number of SQL Server instances in a single OSE, either physical or virtual.

Best for things like:

  • When you have a small team of users but many devices
  • If your organization primarily uses devices (e.g., kiosks, terminals, IoT devices) to access the SQL Server
  • Data warehousing

It’s called “+ CAL” because when you purchase a Standard license, depending on your use case, it can be cheaper to purchase a server license for each server and a client access license (CAL) for each device or user.

The CAL is required in this licensing model and grants users and devices access to the SQL server software.

Running SQL Server software on different hardware partitions or blades requires separate software licenses. Hardware partitions and blades are considered to be separate servers for licensing purposes and SQL Server software licenses cannot be assigned to more than one server at any time.

Devices not operated by humans require device CALs, even when connecting to SQL Server indirectly. For human operated devices such as PCs or hand-held terminals, a user CAL or device CAL can be used.

Not available when you purchase Enterprise edition.

SQL Server CAL_Kontron

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