Product overview

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise has everything you know in Windows 11 Enterprise, plus advanced lockdown features. If your device requires the latest hardware support, Windows 11 IoT Enterprise has you covered.

At this time, we recommend being aware of the 36 month support lifecycle, as well as new hardware requirements.

Until the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is released, expected in late 2024, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise continues to be the best option for OEMs looking to secure their products.

What to expect

With Windows 11 IoT Enterprise OS on your device, you get:

  • Faster time to market
  • Advanced security and lockdown features
  • Advanced configuration features
  • 36 months of support
New hardware requirements

Be aware of new Windows 11 hardware requirements as devices that don't meet the minimum system requirements might not be able to install Windows 11.

Some requirements have changed since Windows 10. Notable changes currently include: capability to run TPM 2.0 and increased RAM and storage capacities.

General Availability Channel (GAC)

Currently Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is only available as an annual release; there is no Long-Term Servicing (LTSC) version available.

Most of our customers are staying with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise until the upcoming LTSC release. If that sounds like you, use the current GAC to begin planning and testing your applications and hardware.

New features

Windows 11 is the most significant update to Windows for IoT since Windows 10 and offers many new features to improve end-user experience, including:

USB 4.0 support

USB4 brings substantial improvements to data transfer speeds, power delivery, and device compatibility.

Linux compatibility

Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI (WSLg) lets your Windows machines run Linux GUI applications.

Wi-Fi 6E

Adds 6 GHz frequency band to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands already supported, increasing capacity and channel availability.

Why Kontron?

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