Empowering your product

When you work with experts for your OS configuration, you ensure your devices meet these essential requirements:


Your product OS is configured to reduce the chances that it is the entry point for the next system hack.


Your product will recover to a known, secure state in the event of a hardware failure or breach.


Your product can be updated with the latest software, data, ML models, or device settings.


Your product OS software can be upgraded to the latest increasingly secure software.

Build and release with fewer resources

Implementing the right OS for your device isn’t enough. Your products must be ready to participate intelligently in their deployment, operation, and management.

We take the second-guessing out of customizing and fine-tuning the settings, preferences, and functionalities of your OS to suit your specific needs and requirements so you can focus on your business.

Protect brand reputation

Security breaches ruin reputations but achieving security objectives without compromising essential device functionality is complicated.

Speed to market

Reduce your go-to-market time and lower your BOM costs with a team that will get your manufacturable image build quickly.

Configuration expertise

Supplement your team with hardware and software experts who have worked on 1,000s of products with highly specialized expertise that is expensive to hire and retain.

Up-to-date security

Put security best practices to work lowering the chances your product is the entry point for the next embarrassing attack.

Harden legacy systems

Offer upgrade solutions to your customers that extend the life and value of your fleet.

Technical support

Kontron offers industry leading hardware and software technical support for our products and Microsoft products.

Extensive experience building with:

free RTOS
free RTOS
free RTOS
free RTOS

Setup and migration

Whether you're looking for consulting help with your new smart device project or updating devices already deployed, the Kontron embedded engineering team can help.

Configure new product

Let our proven systems engineering methodology reduce your time to market and ensure your products are securely configured.

If you’re building a new product, you have two priorities in direct opposition:

  • Get a manufacturing-ready image for your devices with full technical documentation.
  • Focus on your application development.

When Kontron configures a production-ready image for your new embedded device, you can accomplish both.


Update deployed devices

Are you dreading a project that requires updating your deployed devices?

  • Upgrade devices to a new version of your current operating system (OS)
  • Migrate to a new OS

Changing from one OS to another or managing a product with multiple OS options can be challenging. Once in the field, this only gets more complicated.

Let our embedded engineering team make it easy.


Managing across OS?

Planning a migration just to avoid managing so diverse devices across multiple operating systems? Maybe device management can better solve your headache.

What can you expect?

Whether you build on Windows IoT, Linux, or Android, our experts are here to help get your device configured securely. From user permissions and network settings to security protocols and hardware drivers, we provide the expertise so you can focus on your product.

At a simple, low price, our configuration service is the same no matter the system or device. Read on to better understand the offering.

OS configuration

What do you get with OS configuration services from Kontron?

  • Development of OS configuration requirements using Kontron’s proven systems engineering methodology and your specifications.
  • Up to 10 additional hours of consulting services to assist your systems engineering team that is configuring your OS image.
  • One of two deliverables: an OS specification and plan for getting your OS image built or you can ship us your device and have us return you a manufacturing ready image.

You can always expect an experienced engineer to guide you through the Kontron proprietary checklist, ensuring a golden image that is small, secure, and optimized for peak device performance.

What is Complete IoT Device Management and why is it important
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Let’s discuss how we can quickly reduce your time to secure.


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