Customer License Agreement

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To order Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or other Windows Embedded products, you’ll need a signed Customer License Agreement (CLA) in place with Microsoft.

To start the CLA process, fill out this form.

The CLA provides entry into the Microsoft embedded program and access to the Windows Embedded and IoT product family as a device maker. There is no cost for the CLA or to enter the Windows Embedded program. For more information, contact Bsquare for the CLA and Program Execution Guide (PEG) reference.

Once we receive your information, Bsquare will create the CLA. Microsoft will then send the Primary CLA Contact an electronic version of the CLA to sign online.

The CLA approval process can take up to 5 business days.

If urgent approval is required, send us an email and we can escalate.

Please note: Bsquare is only authorized to sell in North America. If you do not have a North American address that can act as the recipient of future orders, we will be unable to help you with your CLA.