Enable Growth and Empower Better Outcomes

Dedicated devices are the backbone of every retailer and facilitate the transactions you depend on to keep your business thriving. As your enterprise expands, streamlined management and a strong, secure and configured foundation can help you get ahead on updates and efficiently scale fleet operations.

Bsquare helps retailers like you overcome the challenges of expansion so you can grow without hesitation and achieve greater business outcomes. Our dedicated device lifecycle solutions increase uptime and device optimization while making your internal resources more effective.



Optimize Point of Sale to Maximize Business Scale

Corner a new market, expand geographically, or add a new capability to grow your business. Business expansion requires efficient management, a secure foundation and the correct software configurations for your fleets. Bsquare’s cross device lifecycle solutions provide these and more, so your point of sale can become your point of scale.

Streamline Device Management

With SquareOne, streamline management with rapid and remote device identification, diagnosis, remediation, and repair. With over-the-air updates and patches, your in-house team can manage in-the-field device fleets. Enhance customer experience by heading off device downtime with rapid recovery and predictive maintenance. Close more sales with device fleets that boost your business reputation by accomplishing their missions.

Optimize Devices Across OS Systems

Bsquare’s device lifecycle solutions power optimized performance across operating systems and device types, so your team has complete visibility and control across one platform rather than many. Build securely with custom software and OS configuration solutions that work on all dedicated device types critical to your missions. Develop with purpose with IoT licensing solutions that are configurable for different operating systems and device types.

Harden Devices for a Secure Foundation

The retail industry is constantly evolving, with new products, changing trends, and novel ways of interacting with and selling to customers. Adapt to all these changes with a strong foundation that can adapt to evolving technology and threats. Bsquare’s experts help you release faster, save money on BOM costs, and build the capacity for security that lasts throughout your dedicated device fleets.

Configure for Device Fleet Purpose

No matter what purpose your dedicated devices serve, the right software and configuration is essential to fleet success. From point of sale terminals to vending machines and more, Bsquare’s experts have vast experience in IoT licensing across the retail industry. Utilize our expertise to configure and release your devices faster and with the confidence they’ll succeed in their missions.

Increase Device Uptime

Increase device uptime across your enterprise without incurring additional expenses or expanding your workforce. With SquareOne, retail businesses can monitor and manage issues remotely, mitigating device downtime and contributing to a more positive customer experience.

Enhance Customer Experience

Dedicated device fleets connect you with your customers. Improve this connection and you can improve business success.
- Head off downtime with rapid repairs and predictive maintenance,
- Build security into devices so they can adapt to evolving threats
- Utilize collective data from fleets to constantly optimize as you expend, so every customer connection experience is better than the last.

Purpose Built for Your Industry

Dedicated device fleets feature heavily in every industry. Discover how Bsquare is helping every business scale with their device fleets.


Manage and protect your point of care and medical devices with Bsquare’s expertise.

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Retail PoS machines and self-serve kiosks are the way of the future. Future-proof your devices and their management with Bsquare.

Energy & Manufacturing

Optimize your purpose-built, configured and managed devices for monitoring energy usage and industrial systems.

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Hospitality & Entertainment

Ensure you get return on your investment in self-serve kiosks, casino gaming, digital signage and more.

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Logistics & Transportation

Simplify A to B travel and logistics by ensuring your devices are optimized and adaptable for the road ahead.

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