Connectivity and Better Health Outcomes

Dedicated devices are a critical way for modern health organizations to interact and extend care to customers. Assuage connectivity concerns about security, privacy, and management with Bsquare’s full device lifecycle solution suite. 

Bsquare helps healthcare organizations like yours overcome hesitations, so you can fulfill the promise of connectivity and produce better health outcomes. Our dedicated device lifecycle solutions enable you to conserve valuable tech resources and alleviate the pressures on healthcare IT teams in a turnover-heavy industry. 

Implement remote device operation and support to reduce downtime and increase efficiencies where minutes matter.


Addressing Healthcare Needs

When patients and providers depend on your dedicated device fleets, their design, deployment, and management matter that much more. Our extensive expertise in healthcare IoT licensing, custom configuration and management is honed in our solutions, so you can use the most comprehensive platform to optimize fleets, extend your reach, and provide better care.

Continuity and Operational Readiness

When continuity counts, count on Bsquare. Our SquareOne device management solution enables remote device recovery, removal and upgrades, so your medical device fleets are always ready. Configurable device telemetry enables you to perform over-the-air predictive maintenance to head off device and system downtime before it occurs.

Ease of Use with Limited Resources

Extend your IT and support team by eliminating physical technician visits and enabling collective wisdom. With SquareOne, your fleets collect data on device performance, so your team can easily find and implement efficiencies and optimize performance.

Accuracy and Efficiency

With SquareOne, your dedicated device fleets are at their most optimal. Bsquare’s OS configuration, licensing, and management solutions extend the life and use of fleets, so that even legacy devices can continue functioning and updating as they should.

Configuration for Critical Purpose

The right software and configuration is essential to fleet success. From point of care machines to pacemakers and more, Bsquare’s experts have vast experience in healthcare IoT licensing and configuration. Utilize our expertise to configure and release your devices with the confidence they’ll succeed in their missions.

Privacy and Safety

With Bsquare’s custom software solutions, you have the confidence that your purpose-built devices are built secure and that you’ll always be able to remotely patch and upgrade so that they remain at peak performance. Ensure compliance with updates and stay ahead of the next caregiving trend, compliance requirement, and evolving threat with dedicated device management.

Visibility Across Devices Types and Operating Systems

Bsquare’s SquareOne device management solution provides your team with visibility across multiple fixed-function device types like point-of-care machines and medical devices on a single dashboard. Coordinate remote, multi-OS support across all your essential device fleets, no matter how far they’re deployed from headquarters.

Purpose Built for Your Industry

Dedicated device fleets feature heavily in every industry. Discover how Bsquare helps every business scale success.


Point of care and medical devices are the lifeblood of today’s medical organizations. Protect and manage them and make the difference in care with Bsquare’s expertise.


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