Untangling and Streamlining the Supply Chain

Surges in travel and snarls in the global supply chain make streamlined dedicated device fleets more important than ever. 

In a travel industry that has gotten more complex and less face-to-face, dedicated devices that are optimized, efficient, and always mission-ready can enhance customer experience and drive consumer loyalty. 

In a logistics and transportation industry fraught with unexpected complications, visibility, predictive maintenance, and unified management of dedicated device fleets can cut costs and increase revenues.


Full-Lifecycle Management for Complete Journeys

At Bsquare, we provide dedicated device lifecycle solutions that help you address the obstacles between point A and point B. Our holistic platform combines our established expertise in operating system software, OS configuration, and custom device management, enabling dedicated IIoT devices to participate in their own secure and optimized deployment and management.

Continuity and Operational Readiness

When you need device fleets that are optimized no matter how far from your management team they are deployed, SquareOne device management closes the distance. Our comprehensive platform enables remote device recovery, removal, and upgrades, so no one (whether truckers, passengers, or other players in the supply chain) is left waiting.

Collective Fleet Wisdom that Scales with You

With SquareOne, your dedicated device fleets collect more performance data as they scale, enabling your team to make critical decisions that streamline performance and efficiency.

Complete Visibility so You Can Plan Ahead

The unknown and unpredictable can hinder success in transportation & logistics. SquareOne’s configurable device telemetry enables you to perform over-the-air predictive maintenance on dedicated devices, heading off device and system downtime before it occurs and keeping everyone on the road.

Secure Base for Far Flung Devices

With Bsquare’s custom software solutions, you have the confidence that your purpose-built devices are secure and that you’ll always be able to remotely patch and upgrade so that they remain at peak performance. Ensure that even your legacy devices can remain updated, patched, and secure when deployed in far flung locations across the country or the globe.

Custom Configuration for Each Journey

The right software and configuration is essential to fleet success. From check-in kiosks to truck repair sensors and more, Bsquare’s experts have vast experience in logistics & transportation IoT licensing and configuration. Utilize our expertise to configure and release your devices with the confidence they’ll succeed in their missions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

When your dedicated device fleets are at their most optimal, your customers and end users notice. Bsquare extends the life and use of fleets and boosts your reputation among your customers and users, making your dedicated devices your decisive advantage.

Purpose Built for Your Industry

Dedicated device fleets feature heavily in every industry. Discover how Bsquare helps every business scale success.


Protect and manage point of care and medical devices to make a difference in care with Bsquare.

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Energy & Manufacturing

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Hospitality & Entertainment

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Logistics & Transportation

Getting from point A to point B is as complicated as ever. Whether self-serve kiosks and digital signage for commercial travel or large-scale products for logistics, ensure your devices are optimized and adaptable for the road ahead.